When you are considering hiring an agent to represent you as a seller or buyer in a real estate transaction, ask yourself these questions.

1).  How much experience does this agent have?  You want someone who has been involved in many transactions so they have some ready answers to the varied questions and situations that can come up.

2).  Does this agent work at real estate full time?  You want someone who is available at reasonable times to deal with issues in a timely manner, to get you to closing on time.

3).  Does this agent combine the use of technology with old fashioned person to person communications, available to explain and resolve any issues?  Email, texting - these tools are wonderful - but nothing beats a face to face discussion.

4).  Does this agent have knowledge of the area where I am looking as a buyer or selling my property?  (Isn't this one self-explanatory?  Doesn't it just make sense??)

5).  Does this agent have a network of other agents, tradespeople, attorneys, bankers - people he or she can call on to solve my real estate problem?  This is what a real estate agent does - manage the process for you, relying on reliable people to get specific jobs done in a timely manner, and coordinating all that for you while you pack up your life in boxes.

We at Uptown Realtors think the answer to all these questions will lead you to CONTACT US, (where the average agent has over 20 years experience) for LOCAL, PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE.