In the housing market, it will be here before you know it. Why not GET A HEAD START ON THE COMPETITION AND WELCOME SPRING IN A NEW HOME?    We can help you start (or start over). The average Uptown Realtor has OVER 18 YRS OF EXPERIENCE, and collectively we have seen it all and then some! So let our experience lead you through the process of buying or selling.

Are you a Buyer?

  • Click on Agents on our website and find the one that suits you best, or call the Office at 508-947-9410. We'll find just the right agent to help you.
  • Many Uptown Realtors are Certified Buyer Representatives, a designation that cost a lot to earn in time and money. We realize, that as your buyer’s agent we owe you more due diligence than just showing you the house, unlike some agents out there.
  • We work with a proven team of mortgage officers and home inspectors, attorneys and tradesmen that can help you over the many hurdles involved in buying a home today. Let us help you make it easier.

Are you thinking of selling?

  • We believe in SERVICE, the old fashion way, with lots of face-to-face discussion of the process, and in many cases accompanied showings to your home.
  • We work with a proven team of tradesmen, attorneys, etc. to help you through one of life's three most traumatic experiences -- MOVING!  The other two are death and divorce, and sometimes those are involved, let’s face it. “Market Globally, Serve Locally” is our motto.
  • We expose your property through a mix of online and print media, to reach out to all levels of buyers.

Whether you’re looking for an agent to help you sell your house, or a buyer’s agent to find your next home, we'll make sure you are matched with an agent who's ready and able to help you with your specific needs!

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